Core Success specialises in working in partnership to help you and your business/organisation succeed with style whilst remaining true to your core personal and corporate values.

Working with your senior leaders, we will help you get the best from your managers at all levels through career and leadership coaching to empower them to succeed. We can also work with your various teams to help ensure that they are resilient and flexible through political change or organisational change programmes, whilst maintaining performance or customer service.

Core Success exists to help you succeed. That is our Core Belief.

Dan Steadman


With broad executive leadership experience from military, commercial recruitment business, public sector and charitable sector, Core Success can adapt to meet the challenges you face.

The lead consultant, Dan Steadman, has worked at Chief Executive and board level in the public sector and in commercial companies and believes passionately in ethical leadership and maximizing the potential in teams.

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Leadership and team resilience through often tumultuous change is often overlooked to the detriment of performance and individual and collective wellbeing.

Core Success will work with your teams to help them face change with pride and understanding, with self-ownership of collective well-being and customer focus throughout.


Core Success can provide Interim Managers for core positions in your organisation to help you deliver in times of change.

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Our team have considerable experience in corporate governance and audit that we can apply to give your organisation a corporate health audit. A particular specialism is in the field of Police and Crime Panels offering training, recruitment advice and scrutiny guidance over Police and Crime Commissioners.

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